Why You Should Stop Using Toxic Dryer Sheets

Why You Should Stop Using Toxic Dryer Sheets
Dryer sheets can cause problems with your clothes such as leaving residue on them; however, did you know that dryer sheets have toxic chemicals. I’ll give you all the dirty secrets behind dryer sheets.

1. Contain Harmful Ingredients

Dryer sheets contain ingredients that are more harmful than the cleaning products you use in the kitchen. These chemicals and fragrances can trigger people to have asthma and hormone issues. In a study, five dryer sheets were tested. 15 different endocrine compounds were disrupted and some chemicals that linked to asthma. Dryer sheets can affect the reproductive and nervous systems, as well as your metabolism. It can even cause cancer.
So why exactly are dryer sheets so dangerous and unhealthy. Well, you can blame the added fragrances. Most of the dryer sheets that are made using some type of fragrance. The fragrances can release a huge amount of chemicals. You are probably saying well, I will buy ones without a scent, however, it is not that easy.

2. Ingredients are Not Always Disclosed

You should be able to find a safer product by simply reading the label; however, this is not the case with dryer sheets. The manufacturer is not required to tell you the ingredients. The CPSC or Consumer Products Safety Commission regulates the products and they have lax disclosure regulations.
Well, now how lax are we talking about. The CPSC is going to give the manufacturers a significant amount of leeway in what the manufacturer has to disclose and what they do not have to disclose. When it comes to dryer sheets, they can list all of the ingredients, some of the ingredients, or none of the ingredients. According to the CPSC, the manufacturer does not have to list any ingredients.

3. Many Exposure Effects and Unknown Chemical Interactions

Many people use dryer sheets which is a mix of compounds. However, no one will know the safety aspects of these compounds. There is very little known about how these chemicals are going to interact with each other. Plus, there is little known about how much a person is exposed to on a daily basis.

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