Why It's Bad To Not Wash Towels Weekly

Why It's Bad To Not Wash Towels Weekly
Our towels get used everyday, and water plus bacteria from our body makes for a nasty cocktail of germs.
And the truth is, most of us don’t wash them enough.
But I’ll reveal everything you need to know about washing towels including how often you need to do it.

Bacteria Multiplies

You are only using your towel after you have cleaned yourself so it cannot get dirty, right? Well, when you say you are washing yourself of bacteria you are correct, but only partially. You only wash off some of the bacteria on your body. Some stick around and they do end up on the towel after you are done.
Once the towel has bacteria on it, the bacteria will multiply fast. Plus, when you use it day after day, you are adding more bacteria for it to be able to grow. This goes for hand towels as well. A used hand towel is going to have at least 1000 times more bacteria on it than a new one.
Keep in mind that bacteria thrive in moist and dark environments. A steamy bathroom with the door closed is heaven to bacteria. You may think the toilet is the germ factory in a bathroom but the dirtiest and germiest place in the bathroom is actually your towels.

Acne and Infection

When you wipe off with a dirty towel you are actually risking infection. If a towel is used vigorously it can scratch the skin. The tiny scratches that you do not notice are going to allow bacteria an entry point into the body.
It is very unusual for this to happen and get diseases from a towel but it can happen. You will not get sick from your own germs on a towel but if you are sharing a towel, you are more at risk of catching a disease. This includes hand towels as well.
If you suffer from serious acne or are acne-prone, you might want to wash your towel every time to use it to help keep your skin acne-free. The bacteria from your towel on open pustules could give a person acne.

How to Keep a Towel Clean

If you are just using a towel and no one else has touched it, it is still recommended that it is washed at least every two or three days. If you wait longer than that, all the bacteria and other microorganisms will make the towel gross and grungy. You are not going to get sick if you use a towel for two weeks but that is not going to make you clean either. Keep this in mind, you wouldn’t wear dirty underwear after taking a shower so why use a dirty towel.
When you are done using a towel and it is not time to wash it, you should ensure that it is able to air-dry fully. Do not fold it, you should drape it over the shower curtain. The towel should be spread out to ensure that the most surface area is exposed to the air. A heated towel rack may help you only have to wash it every four uses because it helps the towels dry faster.
You may need to throw a load of laundry in more often but do not get lazy. Dirty towels mean that your shower is basically doing you nothing. Plus, bacteria are not going to just up and leave without the towel being washed.
When you wash your towel use hot water and ensure that they go through a full cycle.
And don’t use chemical filled detergents that break down the fabrics in your towels. Use our Wash Wizard to naturally freshen your towels so they are ready for their next use.

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You are now an expert on washing towels and you know how to keep yourself clean!

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