How To Whiten Clothes Without Bleach

How To Whiten Clothes Without Bleach
There are a lot of ways you can brighten your clothing without using bleach. Bleach is full of chemicals that are not necessarily good for you. Keep in mind that the average household does roughly 400 loads of laundry in a year. This means about seven loads a week. This leads to a lot of detergent use.
However, this gives us a problem, our white clothes need to be whitened but we use bleach. This is going to be a problem because there are potential hazards and irritation concerns when people use bleach.
But I have some tricks for you to whiten clothes without using a drop of bleach.
There are all natural methods of whitening clothes that do not use any type of chemicals at all.

1. Pre-Soak Laundry with Lemons

lemon slices | Whiten Clothes Without Bleach
You can do this fairly easily., All you need to do is fill the washing basin with hot water and add your lemon slices. You can then add your clothing and simply let them soak for about an hour. If the clothes are really dirty you may leave them to soak for two hours. After soaking, all you need to do is wash them normally.
If you are looking to boost your white by a lot, boil the water before you put your clothing in. You can then add your lemons and clothing and let this mixture sit for eight to twelve hours or overnight.

2. Vinegar

an array of Heinz white vinegar | whiten clothes without bleach
Vinegar is going to whiten your clothes and make them softer. Vinegar acts as a natural fabric softener and will cut away from mildew smells.
To whiten clothes using this vinegar you are going to need distilled white vinegar. Pour a quarter of a cup of vinegar into the washing machine. Make sure your machine is running and apply the vinegar during the rinse cycle.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Almost every home has this product in a bathroom or cupboard somewhere. This is going to help disinfect your cuts but also help whiten your clothing.
To use this method, use one cup of peroxide. You can pour this into the machine or pour it into the bleach compartment. You then can add your clothes and water and wash like you normally would.
Underarm stains can be treated with peroxide as well. All you need to do is mix peroxide, baking soda, and water to make a paste that can be rubbed onto the stain. Let this sit on the stain for a half an hour and wash as normal.

4. Dry in the Sun

pices of clothing drying under the sun | whiten clothes without bleach
You are going to save money and your clothes will smell a lot fresher with this tip. You should dry your white clothes in the sun to help brighten them naturally. The sun has UV rays that are powerful. These rays cause your sunburn and discolor your darker clothing; however, they brighten your white clothing. The longer your items are in the sun, the brighter they are going to be. You should only leave your clothes out in the sun for a few hours to ensure no damage is being inflicted on your clothing.
The real destroyer of white clothes is detergents in your laundry. The chemicals inside break down the brightness of your favorite white clothes. So after a few washes they start looking old..
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You won’t be going back to the mall to waste money on new clothes because your clothes look old fast.
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You are now ready to tackle faded and dirty whites. You can make them like new again without using the harmful chemical bleach.

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