When To Use Warm Water In Laundry

When To Use Warm Water In Laundry
Some people do not even know that different temperatures are used for different clothes in the washer.
So, how exactly do you find out what water temperature to use for the load of laundry that you are doing?
Well, I’ve got the answers you need to do laundry perfectly.

Hot Water

This should be used for white clothes. Most of the time it will be dirty clothes or even reusable diapers. You should be using water that is above 130 degrees. This water is so hot because it will remove any germs or soil on the clothing. However, before you do this, make sure you are reading the care label on the garment.

Warm Water

Warm water should be used on fibers that are man-made. This includes your jeans and knits. The water should be about 90 degrees. Most clothing that you can be washed in warm water. Warm water provides a nice clean without any shrinking or fading.

Cold Water

If you have bright colors that bleed or dark colors or even delicate clothing, you should be using cold water. Cold water is generally 80 degrees. Cold water will save you energy. This means it is the best choice if you are conscious of the environment. However, if you are washing in cold water you may want to pre-soak really dirty clothes.

Water Temperature Differences

Not all washing machines are alike so there is a variation between the settings. The hot setting is generally over 130 degrees. If you are curious you can check the owner’s manual of your washer. If your washer has a steam setting the temperature will increase with each load.
The warm setting is going to be in the 90 to 110-degree range whereas the cold is between 60 and 80 degrees. However, keep in mind that in the winter, the water that is pulled into your washer may be below 60 degrees. This means that you may have issues with using powdered detergent. The powdered detergent is known to leave white residue on clothing if the water is too cold.

Extra Tips

When you lower your water temperature on the washing machine, you are going to need more detergent. However, if you have the water below sixty degrees, no detergent or soap is needed. Also, keep in mind that the water should not be too hot. If the water is too hot, it will make the stains set and make it hard to get out. You should prewash items that are very dirty in cold water and then in hot water. The water in your rinse cycle should always be cold. This will provide you with the cleanest clothes. Plus, when you rinse the clothes in cold water it helps prevent wrinkles and it is better for the planet.

Bottom Line

Warm water is what should be used most of the time. The only time warm water shouldn’t be used is on delicate fabrics. Warm water is going to help disinfect and clean properly whereas cold water isn’t as good at disinfecting. You may also want to consider the detergent you are using. Powdered detergents are known for leaving residue behind and liquid detergents can be harmful to the environment and don’t get me started on the bottles. You may want to purchase the Wash Wizard. This is a ball that replaces detergents. It helps clean and disinfects clothing without having to use hot or warm water. This means it will work just as well in the cold water as it does the hot.
You are now ready to tackle that load of laundry. No more procrastinating.
Take on laundry with ease knowing that you are prepared to wash them the right way.
Plus, if you our Wash Wizard you can rest easy knowing you are sleeping in naturally washed clothes unlike those chemical filled detergents that can make you itchy.

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