What Happens When You Use Too Much Detergent

What Happens When You Use Too Much Detergent
As we know by now, detergents are filled with chemicals.
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But as a little thought experiment I thought, what really happens when you use too much detergents?
When you use more laundry, you are not helping yourself, your clothes, or your washing machine. When you use excess detergent, you are wasting money and coming out with dirty clothes.  We are going to talk about what will happen when you are using too much detergent in your washing machine.

When You Are Using Too Much

Some people have accidentally used excess laundry detergent and some people use it because they think it will give them cleaner clothes.
If you are doing your laundry and it is coming out of the dryer with spots of it does not look clean, the washing machine is not the problem nor is the dryer. You are to blame because you have used too much detergent. When too much detergent is used, it will hold the dirt that is removed from the clothes and trap it in areas that do not rinse well. This could be a collar of a shirt or inside pockets.
When detergent is used in excess you are also preventing the clothes from being clean. Too much detergent means more suds which in return doesn’t allow the clothes to rub on each other. This rubbing is necessary to make sure that the clothes are clean.
So, as we have found out, using extra detergent is likely going to make your clothes dirtier, not cleaner. Plus, if your washer is a High-Efficiency washer, it could cause problems that are not just with the clothes. You may notice suds left in the washing machine which could cause problems with how the washing machine performs. The washing machine should always be used with the proper amount of detergent.
Keep in mind that if your clothes are excessively dirty you can presoak them or even use the pre-wash cycle on your washing machine. You can even wash the cycle twice. However, you should not be doubling up on detergent.

How Much Detergent Should be Used?

If you use more detergent than you should, you are not alone. It is pretty common. In fact, many people use about twice the amount of detergent that is supposed to be used. Some people double up because they are unable to see the lines on the cup and some double up for a better clean.
Now that you are aware, you are probably going to be more careful. You want your clothes as clean as possible and you want to save money. Using the right amount of detergent will help you do both. You should start by cutting the normal amount that you use in half. Once you do this, slowly add a little until you are happy with how clean your clothes are.
It is also a good idea to highlight or remark the lines on the cup used for laundry detergent. This way you will always be able to see where you should be pouring it to. No more guessing. This will make it easier for you to do laundry and make sure that you are not overdoing it on the suds.
Now, as I told you earlier. Wash Wizard is the natural solution to doing your laundry.
This will replace detergent and you will never have to worry about using too much again. There’s no annoying pouring or measuring either! Just toss it in and start the washer as usual!
With constant use and overuse of detergents as we just learned, the colors in your clothes can break down. Leaving you with bland and dull clothes instead of bright, vibrant and stunning!

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