Weighted Blanket Trend

Weighted Blanket Trend
As you may be seeing in the past few months, weighted blankets are being talked about everwhere. But what is the trend all about? Is there any benefits to using one?
Before  everyone started talking about weighted blankets for the masses, they were used primarily for therapeutic purposes. Specifically, in the community with those who have special needs.

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

These blankets range in different styles and have different features. They are all going to be filled with a weighted item. This is going to typically be glass beads or plastic pellets. On average, a weighted blanket is going to be 8 to 25 pounds and are going to provide a Deep Pressure Touch. The exterior is going to be your choice but is generally made of cotton, fleece, and flannel.
What is Deep Pressure Touch and what does it do? Well, Deep Pressure Touch is often referred to as the bear hug touch. This is because it is comforting and calming to a person’s central nervous system. People use them for sleep because it helps release the happy part of the brain, Serotonin, and the serotonin is going to help release the Melatonin needed for sleep. Not to mention, it helps people relax as well.

Why are Weighted Blankets Popular Now?

The first use of a weighted blanket was reported in 1999. However, why and how did they become so popular the past year or so? Well, since they have been advertised and been listed as must-haves, people are rushing to get them. Not to mention, it was on the best inventions list last year.
They have become more and more popular because before last year, they were generally marketed to those who have special needs. However, in 2017 a campaign was launched to make these blankets available to everyone. They were advertised as a sleeping accessory rather than a medical aid.
Within a year of this add, these blankets were trending. People say they sleep so much better now and feel much more well rested as they wake up. But others report that it feels like it is uncomfortable and the weight makes them feel trapped.
It’s one of those things that you really just need to try to see if it would suit you. I personally tried one and really liked it!
You can choose to hop on this trend or not, that is up to you. But now you know what the craze is all about!
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