Washing Machine Hacks | Things You Didn't Know It Can Do

Washing Machine Hacks | Things You Didn't Know It Can Do

Your washing machine is a wonderful tool, but did you know there are a couple of washing machine hacks yours might have? 

They could save you tons of time and headaches.

Washing Machine Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

1. Stuffed Animals

Your machine can clean stuffed animals if you simply put them in a mesh laundry bag. You should only be using the wash and rinse cycles. You should use cold water to avoid melting any glue on the toy. Plus, use only half the detergent you normally would. For stuffed animals, make sure that you are running a second rinse cycle to ensure that the soap is fully washed out. Do not put these in the dryer. Allow stuffed animals to air dry.

2. Mop Heads

Mops on red wall
Photographer: pan xiaozhen | Source: Unsplash

If you have a mop with a removable head, chances are it can go in the washing machine. No more complicated hand washing for you. The reason these heads are removable is to throw them in the washer. However, do not throw Swiffer mop heads in the washer.

3. Oven Mitts

You can wash both oven mitts and potholders in your washing machine. You simply throw these items in with washcloths and/or dishtowels.

4. Baseball Hats

Photographer: Simon Connellan | Source: Unsplash

Most baseball hats get a ring of sweat around them and then we do not wear them or use them any longer. However, you can clean this! Fairly easily too! All you need to do is spray the hat with stain remover. Let the hat sit for about five minutes after you have sprayed it. Once the five minutes is up, throw it in the washing machine using cold water and a short cycle. When you pull the hat out of the washer, reshape the bill and let it air dry.

5. Sneakers

Green Converse Shoes
Photographer: Andrew Itaga | Source: Unsplash

Most sneakers get dirty really fast. However, you can wash them and make them look like new again. Simply remove any laces from the shoe. Put the laces in a pillowcase to avoid tangling. You will want to remove any soles or padding that is inside the shoe. Throw your shoes into this pillowcase as well. You can throw this pillowcase in the washer. If you do not want a lot of noise, it may be best to throw a few towels around the pillowcase. Then set the machine to a cold and delicate cycle. Do not throw in the dryer, let the shoes air-dry.

6. Toys

Erlangen lego set
Photographer: Markus Spiske | Source: Unsplash

Your kid probably has a lot of toys that should be cleaned. However, cleaning toys is a hassle. However, not with this tip. Simply grab a mesh bag and throw the toys into the bag. Some examples of good toys to throw in the mesh bag are Legos, bath-toys, and even the dog’s toys. You will use a delicate cycle with cool water to make sure they are clean once again.

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You are now a pro with washing items that you never knew your washing machine could handle. Washing machines are a great piece of technology! More so now that you're equipped with these washing machine hacks!

Get to Work!

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