Top 10 Common Laundry Mistakes

Top 10 Common Laundry Mistakes
Many people do their laundry and don’t realize that they are making some mistakes. In fact, a lot of people make these ten mistakes all the time without realizing that they are doing more harm than good. We are going to talk about the top ten most common laundry mistakes that people make.

1. Over Scrubbing Stains

vintage pink scrubbing brush
When you have the occasional red wine or mud stain, you think that scrubbing it with some force will help solve your problem quicker. However, if you over scrub the stains, it will cause them to spread. It can even wear away the fabric.
Instead of scrubbing with serious force, dry to dab the stain. Use a cloth to dab it and make sure that you are washing your clothing right away so the stain does not have time to set into the fabric.

2. Leaving Shirts Buttoned While Washing

Buttoned blue shirt

Many people assume that leaving a shirt buttoned helps the shirt maintain its shape. However, it doesn’t, it does just the opposite. When you button clothes and wash them this way, it leads to loose threads and stretched buttonholes.
You should always make sure that shirts are unbuttoned before you wash them.

3. Leaving Your Zipper Unzipped

Unzipped zipper pants

Metal teeth that are found on zippers can snag other clothing items and cause damage.
You want to make sure anything that has a zipper is always zipped before you put them in the machine to wash. Preventing your other clothes from damage.

4. Incorrectly Sorting Clothes

Many people separate their lights and darks. This is a good first step, however, there are more steps needed. You should also sort based on the type of material that the item is made of. Plus, you should separate heavier clothing from the lighter clothing. This will provide you with the deepest and best clean.

5. Ignoring Labels

Clothes label

With many modern machines, it is easier to wash almost every item you own. However, your washer was not built to wash your delicate items. If your item has a label that states dry-clean only, you can ruin the item by washing it yourself.
You should always dry-clean items such as silk and leather.

6. Too Much Bleach

Bleach is often a secret weapon when you are fighting stains or keeping your white clothes sparkling. However, if you use too much bleach it can irritate your skin and make a person sick.

7. Ignoring the Permanent-Press Button

One of the most common mistakes is wrinkled clothing. However, if you use the medium-heat on your dryer with a cool-down, it helps prevent this problem. Plus, many people do not realize that the permanent-press button is designed to take the clothes through this process to help you alleviate some wrinkles.

8. Not Cleaning the Dryer

Many of us know to empty the lint trap to help keep clothes drying properly and prevent fires. However, many people do not clean the ducts. If this is neglected, it could be a bigger fire hazard than the lint trap itself. Not to mention, it can decrease the efficiency of your dryer.
Your dryer ducts should be cleaned once a year. You can detach the hose from the back of the dryer to access this duct.

9. Over Drying Clothes

Closeup of washing machine

Many people hate to air-dry their clothing because it is a pain. However, keep in mind that drying your clothes in the dryer isn’t harmful to all of them. However, it is also important to note that over-drying can cause more wrinkles, static, and cause broken fibers. You should try to dry your clothes correctly and do not overload your dryer.
And the most surprising mistake is, using laundry detergent to begin with. Over the course of your life you could waste thousands of dollars on it!
The harsh chemicals inside of it will be in contact with you and your families skin all day long also.
Not to mention, these same chemical make your clothes fade and look older with every wash…
That’s why our Wash Wizard is the all-natural laundry solution that works to preserve your clothes and save you money at the same time.
All while using ZERO chemicals.
If you avoid these common mistakes you are not only avoiding damaging your clothes, you are also avoiding spending more money than you have to.

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