Tips To Make Swimsuits Last Longer

Tips To Make Swimsuits Last Longer
Summers here! Time to hit the beach.
But you don’t want to be stuck buying a new bathing suits every summer…
I have 8 quick tips to help make your bathing suits last longer so you can enjoy the beach or the pool as much as you want this summer.

1. Rinse the Swimsuit ASAP

A swimsuit should be rinsed out after each use as soon as possible. This includes even if you were just sunbathing. Sunblock and the body’s natural oils can cause swimsuit damage. You should rinse the suit out immediately if you were in a hot tub or chlorinated pool as well.

2. Hand Wash

Most people want you to hand wash swimsuits. The washing machines are going to agitate the delicate parts of the swimsuit such as the ties and padding. Over time, the swimsuit can be damaged or not fit right.
If you want to wash a swimsuit in the washing machine, use a delicate liquid. Or even better yet, use the Wash Wizard. This laundry ball is going to save you money on detergent and save you room. Not to mention, it can be used hundreds of times before needing to be replaced. Plus, keep the washing machine on a low and gentle cycle to help keep the swimsuit in good shape.

3. Dry Off

You should not wring your swimsuit out. When you do this, the fibers in the suit are actually damaged and this can mean your suit sags in some not so nice places. A swimsuit that is hung can stretch as well. This is especially true if you hang it by the ties. You should lay the suit on a towel and roll the towel like a burrito to get any excess water out. You are then going to want to lay the swimsuit flat to dry. Do not dry it in direct sunlight as it can cause fading. Make sure the suit is completely dry before putting it away.

4. Rotate Your Suits

Keep in mind that most swimsuits are made of spandex. Spandex is a memory fabric. This means that the fabric needs a full day to come back to its normal and usual position. If you wear bathing suits often or are on vacation, you should have more than one suit. This ensures that the swimsuit can get back to its normal position and allow it to dry completely.

5. Keep Cool

How water is going to be bad for any type of suit. You should not wash the suit in hot water. Plus, you should avoid the hot tub too often in your favorite swimwear. If you love the hot tub, you should have a suit designated for that area. It should be a cheap suit that you do not care if it fades or gets wrecked.

6. Prep New Suits

You should prep a new suit before you wear it. This means soaking it in vinegar and water for thirty minutes. This helps prevent the dye on the new suit from bleeding. This is going to be super important if you are wearing your new suit in a hot tub.

7. Sit on a Towel

You should always sit on a towel when you are next to a pool. Most surfaces like concrete or wood are going to cause snagging and tearing of the swimsuit materials. This is also true for chairs as well. You should always be on a towel to ensure your suit lasts long.
And the best tip of them all…

8. Use Wash Wizard

Traditional detergents will just use chemicals to clean your clothes, this will break them down and cause them to lose their color and brightness! Our Wash Wizard doesn’t use any chemicals and lasts for 1000 washes so you save money as you use it!

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Your swimsuit should last you longer than normal if you follow these few tips. You can now enjoy swimming without the hassle of worrying about wrecking your suit.

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