Things You Should Never Do To Your Washing Machine

Things You Should Never Do To Your Washing Machine
Many people do their laundry in different ways. Some people are pickier than others.
But, we should all agree that there are a few things you should always be paying attention to and worrying about.
Taking care of your washing machine will save you headaches and a lot of money in the long run.
You could be out hundreds of dollars if your washing machine breaks or needs maintenance.
I’ve got a list of the things you should never do to your washing machine.

1. Never Ignore the Tags

The washing machine is a work of art. It has come a long way with the evolvement of technology. Plus, the newer machines make it seem like we are hardly doing any work. However, with that being said, our machines are unable to read a clothes tag. They are not able to change settings based on the tag. You need to make sure that you are reading the tag and washing your clothing properly. If you fail to do this, you could experience the dye to bleed, the item to shrink, and even damage to your clothing.

2. Make Sure You are Using the Right Setting

You should be familiar with the settings on your washing machine. You should also know how to customize them based on the clothing you are washing. While most clothing can be washed on the normal cycle, some of them cannot. You should be washing items that have special instruction separately.

3. Stay Away from Detergent

If you use too much detergent you could leave tons of residue on your clothes and inside your machine. That could cause tons of problems with sludge buildups inside your machine later on!
To prevent this ordeal, just use our Wash Wizard to completely replaces chemical filled detergents.
It uses all natural bio ceramics to deep clean and disinfect your clothes without any dangerous chemicals. And it lasts for a thousand washes so you will be saving money with every load of laundry from now on.
Detergents can leave you skin itchy and irritated, but Wash Wizard is perfect for sensitive skin.

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4. Not Emptying the Washer When Clothes are Done

Many people become distracted and forget about the wet clothes that are in the washing machine. However, if you forget about your clothing, they could have mildew and a funky smell. This is bad for you and your machine. Not to mention, it is bad for the clothes that are sitting inside the machine wet. You should always remember to change your laundry and if you have to, set a timer to ensure that your clothes get switched.

5. Not Keeping Your Washing Machine Balanced

Balancing a washing machine seems like a lot of work. However, it is pretty simple. You may notice some shaking or noises coming from the machine if it is not balanced properly. You simply need to adjust the corners on the bottom of the machine to make it balanced. When the machine is not balanced, the washing machine works harder than it needs to. This can lead to damage and worse wear and tear than it is needed. Plus, this could leave you in some problems because you need to have your machine repaired. You can avoid problems by simply making sure that the machine is balanced. You can even look at the owner's manual for help on how to properly balance your washing machine. Remember, it is easier and cheaper to fix the problem now than to have to replace and fix parts later on.
We all have problems at some point with the washing machine, the wash, or something. However, these few tips will help you prolong the life of your clothes and your machine. There is no need to worry any longer. Keep yourself, your clothes, and your machine protected.
Reminder: use our Wash Wizard and ditch chemical filled detergents!

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