Things That Should Never End Up In The Dryer

Things That Should Never End Up In The Dryer
Most people just toss every piece of clothing in the dryer.
But there are 4 things you need to be on the lookout for when you just toss your clothes in the dryer. (I’ll tell you everything you need to know)

1. Activewear

Activewear is specially designed to help you get the most out of it. When you work out these clothing items are going to help improve your performance. However, when you throw them in the dryer it could be ruining these items. Activewear generally has sweat-wicking properties and some even feature a coating to protect you from the sun. These properties are not dryer-friendly.
When activewear is dried, it is being exposed to high heats, friction, and other aspects that will damage the clothing. Not only will it damage the clothing, but it will also make the fabric different that for its intended use. Heat is also going to wear away at any elastic found in the activewear. This means that the clothing item is going to be weaker and this means it will be easier to get holes, tears, runs, and picks.
Activewear should always be laid flat to dry. It should only be washed in cool water and on the delicate cycle. You should ensure that your detergent is gentle but strong so that the clothes are cleaned properly. The Wash Wizard is also a great option for washing activewear. It helps disinfect clothing but it is very gentle. Not to mention, it can be used hundreds of times and replaces detergent bottles.

2. Stains- Flammable

The NFPA or National Fire Protection Association responds to 16,000 fires annually that involve a dryer or washer. Of those calls, 92 percent of them are related to the dryer. There may be obvious things that should not go in the dryer and many people think that this is one, however, they forget or do not listen. Washing clothes does not remove all the oil residue on a clothing item. This means that the oil, gas, or other oil-based material is still on the clothing when it is tossed into the dryer. This could result in a fire or an explosion.

3. Pet Hair

We love our pets; however, we do not love the hair. This is why we wash our clothing. However, washing your pet hair covered clothing can cause issues. Over time, the hair from your pets will build up in the dryer. This can cause debris and lint to become trapped as well. Keep in mind that lint in excess can be a serious fire hazard. Not to mention, pet hair build-up can make the dryer work less efficiently. Dryer vents and the lint trap should be cleaned regularly.

4. Lingerie

Lingerie that is tossed into the dryer will have a shorter lifespan than those that are air-dried. The heat of the dryer will weaken bras and latex or even lace. Delicate fabrics can also be damaged by heat. Always hang lingerie to dry.
If there is one thing you should not put in the dryer, it’s chemical filled fabric softeners and dryer sheets. What you should be using is our Wool Dryer Ball that lasts for 1000 washes and doesn’t use any chemicals!
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You now know some secrets to keeping your laundry lasting longer and keep yourself safer. Some of these items are common sense but often overlooked. We added them to this list to refresh your memory.

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