The Right Way To Wash Pillow

The Right Way To Wash Pillow
A lot of us do not wash our pillows often enough.
And when we do wash them, we are not washing them properly.
Pillows are home to dust mites, dead skin cells, and oils. This can make a person break out or even have issues with dandruff. Pillows can collect saliva or drool as well. That is why it is important to wash your pillows properly.
I’ve got all the tips you need to get a fresh and clean pillow.

1. Fiberfill and Down Pillows

You can throw these types of pillows into your washer. You should only wash two pillows at a time to ensure they can be as clean as possible. Plus, it helps keep the washer balanced. If possible, you should use a washing machine that does not have an agitator. An agitator is the large thing found in the middle of the machine. However, if your machine has this, do not sweat. You simply need to place the pillows in your machine vertically. This makes it less likely to be damaged or wrapped around this agitator.

2. Feather Pillows

This is another pillow that can be thrown in the washing machine. However, just make sure before you do throw it in the machine that there are no tears or slits in the cover of the pillow. Again, only wash two at a time. Two pillows at a time will help keep the machine balanced. You want your machine to be set on the delicate cycle and make sure you are rinsing these pillows twice.
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To dry feather pillows, you are going to want to have several tennis balls. Make sure these are new and clean. These tennis balls will help fluff your pillows in the dryer. Once your pillow is in the dryer with the tennis balls, you are going to want to check it periodically and fluff the pillow by hand. You can fluff it even if it is wet. You will want to break apart any clumps. If your pillow develops a musty smell, place it in the sun for a few hours. Keep in mind pillows take longer to dry than your clothing does.

3. Foam Pillows

You are not able to wash these in the washing machine. However, you can wash the cover in the machine. You will be able to remove any dust from the pillow with a vacuum. Make sure to get both sides and use the upholstery tool.
Your second option is to throw the pillow in the dryer with the no-heat or air-only cycle for about twenty minutes. You can spot clean any areas that may be soiled and rinse the areas with a mildly wet cloth. You need to give your pillow time to air dry before you put it back to use.

When Pillows Should Be Replaced?

Your pillows will eventually need to be replaced no matter how well you take care of them. However, when is it time to toss a pillow? If your pillow can be folded in half and it does not go back to its original shape, you should get new pillows.
General Rules
When washing, make sure you are following the care label on the pillow. If your pillow does not have a care label or you have removed it, simply use the gentle cycle with warm water. You should also use an extra cold-water rinse and an extra spin cycle. You can dry your pillow on a low heat and fluff them occasionally.
It is easy to become confused when you have never washed a pillow. However, with these tips on how to properly wash your pillows, you are an expert. No more hassle for you!
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