Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe in 6 steps

Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe in 6 steps
As everyone knows, a lot of people have a hard time getting rid of clothing. This is especially true for middle-aged men. Many middle-aged men tend to hold onto clothing that is stained or no longer fits them. They do this without even knowing it. Many men at this age are wearing only a few clothing items out of their whole wardrobe which is causing clutter.

1. Remove Everything

First of all, everything is going to need to be removed from the closet. This includes drawers and hanging materials. Everything is going to be needed out where it can be seen. Yes, this includes the clothes that have been thrown behind the dresser. This allows a person to analyze what is in their wardrobe.

2. Make Piles

When cleaning the closet, it is important to make different piles so that everything is organized. These piles include keep, clean, discard, and donate piles. To ensure that the right clothes are going in the right pile, follow these few tips.
  1. When throwing clothes in a donate pile it is important that they are only gently used. These clothes should also be recent in style as well as clean.
  2. The discard clothing pile is clothes that have been in the closet for five or more years. This includes clothes that have stains that cannot be removed, tears, or if they do not fit anymore. If they have not been worn for a year they can go in this pile as well. (This does exclude special occasion clothing)
  3. The clean pile is anything that should be taken into the dry cleaners or anything that may have removable stains. This could also involve clothing that needs repairs as well.
  1. If there are clothes in the closet that are stained, simply wash them, and if the stain cannot be removed, get rid of it. One way to ensure that the best stain-remover was used is by using the Wash Wizard. The Wash Wizzard will help remove stains and save money. Using this ball saves many people money and helps remove stubborn stains. This ball can be used hundreds of times to reduce the amount of detergent and stain-removes used.

4.    Put Current Season in Front

It is important that the current season is the most visible in the closet. These clothes should be the main focal point in the closet. Other seasons should be stored accordingly. This could include putting items on higher shelves or in other closets. This ensures that day-to-day clothing is not pushed behind.

5.    Go to the Cobbler, Tailor, and Dry Cleaner in the Same Day

Many people put off taking their clothes or shoes into the cleaners. However, if it is being put off it will most likely never get done. So, for an easy tip, take all the clothes or shoes that need cleaning or fixing to where they need to be that day.

6.    Go Through the Donate Pile

This step is very important because the donate pile says a lot about someone. In fact, while going through this pile take notice in the things that should not have been purchased to start with. While going through the discard pile is a little extra work, it may save time and money in the future.
When going through this pile, ask why is this in the donate pile?
  • Does it not fit and it cannot be fixed by a tailor?
  • Does it not fit in with the wardrobe that has been chosen?
  • Does the clothing item still have tags on it after a long period of time?
  • Is this clothing item hard to match to others in the closet?
  • Was it bought because it was on sale?
  • Did it wear faster than expected?
  • Did the clothing item somehow end up damaged without your knowledge?
These questions will provide some answers as to how certain items got into the closet and how much money was wasted. This will tell a person that their impulse buys are not helping the bank. Many people actually spend money because of sales and never wear the item they bought.
A wardrobe is what makes a person unique. However, if the wardrobe is so cluttered that it doesn’t help, it may be time to clean it out. Once a closet is cleaned, clothes are easier to find and people know what they do and do not wear. It is important to clean out the closet close to once a year.

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