Simple Tips to Stop Bedding From Tangling In The Dryer

Simple Tips to Stop Bedding From Tangling In The Dryer
How many times have you gone and done your bedding and complained?
It came out of the washer just fine but then you reach into the dryer and have a tangled mess.
Your sheets are a ball and they haven’t been able to dry fully on the inside but the outside is scorching hot.
It’s a headache we all want to avoid, and I have 5 tips to save you some time and frustration.

1. Do Not Overload

Most often, people overload their dryer and this is what causes the tangled mess. You should allow your items to move freely. They shouldn’t be packed so tight that you are unable to move them. They need to have room to tumble otherwise they are not getting the air they need to dry evenly. You should be able to get your hand into the dryer with the items with ease.

2. Shake Items Out

Many people simply grab the wad of clothing from the washer and toss it into the dryer. There are no steps in between. However, you should not do this. You should take the time to individually shake out each item in the washing machine before you throw it in the dryer. This helps your clothes not be wadded up and allows them to dry easier.

3. Fasten Buttons or Poppers

You should always make sure that any buttons or poppers are fastened tightly before you throw them in the dryer. This helps protect the item you are washing and it helps the pillowcases from disappearing. When you do not button your items, the smaller items, such as a pillowcase, will oftentimes disappear into the larger items.

4. Sort the Laundry

You should always sort your laundry before you simply throw it in the dryer. You should do this before you even wash your clothing. It is easier to sort while the clothes are dry compared to when they are wet. You should wash all items that are alike together. Large items should be washed together. This would include your bath towels, duvet covers, and sheets. It helps keep different items from being damaged. If you throw in the delicate items with your large items, you will probably damage your delicate clothing. This is not something you want to do.

5. Use Dryer Balls

The quickest and easiest way to prevent a tangled mess of bedding is with wool dryer balls.
As your dryer spins they get in between the items and  keeps them from sticking together and getting wrapped up.
Plus, it can reduce drying times and eliminate the need for dryer sheets and fabric softeners (Saving you money on laundry)

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You now do not have to deal with uneven drying or a tangled mess. Oh, how much easier life is going to be.

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