Proper Way to Hang Clothes in the Closet

Proper Way to Hang Clothes in the Closet
Like most people, we want an organized and proper looking closet.
Did you know that those wire hangers in your closet are probably damaging your clothes?
Wire hangers are useful when you are needing to unlock your car if you locked yourself out, plus, they are free from the cleaners.
However, these hangers have a hard edge and are thin. This means that the clothing will fall off easily and the clothing is more likely to become creased and/or stretched.
The first step to a better closet is to ensure your clothes are being hung the right way. You should use a proper hanger. Each clothing may need a specialized hanger.
You should try to stick with one type of hanger. You should use padded wooden hangers or padded slim line hangers. These slide easily along the rod in the closet. You should avoid using wire hangers. Use one of the above hangers and keep your hangers all similar.
Keep in mind that all clothes should be properly cleaned before being hung. If you are washing them at home, use the Wash Wizard ball. This is going to clean your clothes and help keep the item free of wrinkles. Now, let us dive into the proper ways to hang your clothes in a closet.

1. Skirts and Pants

Skirt hangers are very versatile. Skirt hangers allow you to hang pants as well. However, you cannot use pants hangers for skirts unless you want to fold the skirt and cause wrinkles.
You should use skirt hangers that have moveable clips. This will help accommodate different sizes and styles. Pants should be hung by the cuff. You can use pant racks if you please to hang your bottoms. You should have them be made of wood or chrome. This will help keep your items pressed and organized. If you have casual pants or even shorts, these can be folded to hang. However, make sure they are folded along their crease so that the crease is the same on both sides.

2. Belts and Ties

There are a lot of belt organizers that hang in your closet that are available, however, it is best to use a rack or hook for both belts and ties. This is especially true if you have a lot of one or the other or both. A custom closet will have many types of accessories and racks to hang your belts and ties to keep them properly stored and organized.

3. Hangers

There is one hanger that shines above the rest and that is the wooden hanger. Hangers that come from wood are the best for blouses and shirts and can handle wool and knits well.
Wooden hangers are curved and will follow the natural shape of the shoulder. This helps keep the fabric in good condition and keeps it in the right shape. Plus, all you need to do is button the button and you won’t have to worry about clothes falling off. If you have silk or delicate items, simply place a felt circle on the side of the hanger to keep them on the hanger. You can even use padding for your finer materials to avoid bumps.
We know that wooden hangers can be expensive. If you cannot afford wooden hangers, use less expensive ones for your casual clothes. You should, however, use wooden hangers for your finer clothing items.

4. Suits

You should be using a wide-shoulder suit hanger that has a pant bar. This is for both men and women’s suits. You can hang the matching jacket and pants with these hangers to help keep yourself organized. Plus, these hangers are great for coats as well as blazers. Plus, these hangers help support the shoulders.

5. Sweaters

Sweaters are better off in a drawer folded. However, sometimes we run out of space in our dressers. You can fold your sweater in half from shoulder-to-shoulder and simply drape if over the bar of a wooden hanger. You should put a piece of tissue paper between your sweater and the hanger to help prevent creasing. You shouldn’t hang sweaters because oftentimes they will have weird bumps in the shoulders.
Now that you are properly hanging your clothes, your detergents could be damaging your clothes color and brightness.
The chemicals inside your detergent break down the fabrics and dyes of your clothes, making them age much faster than they should.
Our Wash Wizard uses bio-ceramics to naturally clean your clothes without any harmful chemicals.
So your clothes stay bright & vibrant for a long time!

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You are now ready to properly hang and put away your clothing. No more weird bumps and creases.

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