Leaving Laundry Overnight - Is It OK?

Leaving Laundry Overnight - Is It OK?
So you through a load of clothes in the washer, then you lay down in bed to relax a little. You end up falling asleep and wake up in a panic, you forgot the laundry!!!
We’ve all been there, even I have..
Leaving clothes in the wash too long is a breeding ground for bacteria in the wet environment.
Many people are not sure how long they can leave laundry in the washing machine before they have to wash it again. After it has been dried, it is still going to be dirty because you did not dry it right away and it sat too long.
We have the answer for you though, let’s dive into it:

How Long is Too Long?

If you do laundry and you forget about the wash in the washing machine, how long is too long before you have to wash it again? Well, you will know it has been too long if you notice a smell. This smell is going to be from bacteria and mold growth. When you leave clothes in this long, you are not going to be able to get that smell out by putting the items in the dryer. This is when you will have to wash them again.
However, it all depends on how long your load sits.
Letting laundry sit overnight in the machine is actually okay. It is only a night and it's not sitting for an extended period of time to allow mold and bacteria to grow. Keep in mind that if you left it overnight and it smells, you should rewash the load.
If you are unsure if your laundry has sat too long or if you can dry it, smell the clothes. If the clothes have a pungent smell and it stinks, that means mold and bacteria are growing on it.

What To Do When It Has Been Too Long

When you leave your clothes in the washing machine too long and they start to stink, you are going to have to rewash the whole load. Running a second load of clothes with chemical filled detergents will just break down the colors and brightness of your clothes.

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