Laundry Hacks You Should Know When You're Running Out of Time

Laundry Hacks When You're Running Out of Time

There are days when you are way too busy to tackle housework and just watch as the laundry pile keeps getting taller and taller and wish you know some laundry hacks.

There are ways to work through your chores smarter and get more done with less the stress. Now, read on for some of my go-to laundry hacks.

Laundry Hacks to Save You Time

Schedule Your Laundry

Many machines have a delay start button. This means that you can put a load in before bed and have it start just before you get up. This means that it will be done when you get up and you can switch it to the dryer. If you forget about laundry in the machine, this hack helps you remember because it becomes routine to get up and switch loads.

Simply Say No

We often forget about the laundry. It happens to the best of us even when we try to be super people. However, if you forget about your laundry, you may find yourself rewashing clothes often. If this is you, do not start clothing in your washer until you have put away the clothes in the dryer.

Remember How Long the Process Takes

Many people forget how long the laundry takes because we hate this chore. Most people would prefer to do another type of chore compared to laundry. However, in general, it only takes about ten minutes to put away and fold your laundry. When you keep in mind how long it takes, you are more likely to get the job done because it doesn’t take that long.

Quick Wash

When some people wear clothes and change them often, they are barely dirty. This is when you can do a quick wash. This works well for barely worn clothes such as dress clothes and other items. Plus, if you ever get behind on laundry, this can be a big helper!

Forget the Laundry Baskets

Blue Laundry basket - laundry hacks

It is best to set up the laundry room so that you can easily fold your items and put them away. Laundry baskets make this process more difficult. Most of the time the laundry basket becomes a pile that we will get to later. However, that basket seems to get bigger and bigger but yet we never get to it.

Keep hangers in your laundry room so that you can hang them right out of the dryer. You can also keep a small table to help ensure that you are folding your clothes when they are done as well.

Stress Less About Kids Clothing

Children tend to go into their dressers to find a certain shirt and folding doesn’t seem to matter. This can cause wrinkles and other issues. However, you shouldn’t spend too much time folding your children’s clothes if they do this. However, if they do not go through their dressers and items do stay folded, you still shouldn’t stress about perfectly folding items. A quick fold will do.

Organize Drawers

For children, it may be difficult to organize dressers and keep them organized. However, with a few baskets, it can be made easier. Children learn better with colors and objects. This means that if you have multicolored baskets in their drawers, they will quickly learn what goes where. It can also help you as an adult be more organized as well. Organization helps a lot when it comes to putting away laundry and saving time.

You can make washing easier by applying these laundry hacks and purchasing our Wash Wizard and stop throwing away money on tons of laundry detergent.

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It is time to take back your busy life and get laundry done without a struggle. Following these few tips can help you reduce your laundry time and time spent putting clothes away.

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