How To Wash A Duvet | What You Need To Know To Make Your Life Easy

How To Wash A Duvet | What You Need To Know To Make Your Life Easy

The most common questions we receive is how to wash a duvet. After all, nothing beats a soft, fluffy bed after a long tiring day! But making sure it stays fluffy and clean is a challenge.

Since duvets are a bit expensive , let me share a few tips on how to wash a duvet and if you aren’t sure, we will be discussing what a duvet is! 

Everything You Need To Know On How To Wash A Duvet

What is a Duvet?

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A duvet is often called a comforter. This is especially true in the United States. Duvets are used as bedding. This bedding is filled with feathers, wool, synthetic materials, or down. It is generally a soft bag. There is almost always a removable cover called a duvet cover.

The set originated in Europe. The first duvet set was made of feathers because it helped insulate and keep people warm. When you add a duvet to the bed it helps the chore of making your bed a whole lot easier. It is a single blanket type object instead of sheets, quilts, blankets, and other items.

Can You Wash at Home?

You can wash them at home if you properly read and consider the care label. Some items are washable at home, however, some may need to be taken into the dry cleaners. You should not wash an item that says dry clean only in your washing machine at home. This could result in disaster.

Before Washing

You will need to prepare your duvet for washing. You will remove all the covers and wash the duvet covers with a load of laundry. You will want to take care of your duvet especially if it is made of feather or down.

You can wash feather duvets but you need to condition them before you do. You should also ensure that the item is machine washable and not dry clean only. You should ensure that there are no loose feathers and sew any holes.

Settings/Detergent for Duvet

You should use a gentle setting on your washing machine. You should use warm water. Avoid using hot or cold water. 30 degrees Celsius is the best temperature. For detergent, you should use a mild detergent. If your duvet is stained badly, you can use detergent with a stain-remover. Most stain-remover detergents are gentle and should not cause damage.

If you are worried about causing damage to your duvet but your duvet needs a stain-removing property, you can also save money on laundry detergent and make sure your clothes stay fresh!

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When you throw your duvet into the washing machine, do not wander too far away from it. You want to listen for the rinse cycle. Once the rinse cycle has ended, stop the machine. You want to run the rinse cycle again before it goes into the spin cycle. You do this because duvets are large and can hold excess water or soap. Running an extra spin cycle helps remove excess moisture and soap from the duvet. This helps ensure that it is squeaky clean.


Your duvet may seem a little darker than normal when it is wet. Do not worry, it is not stained or ruined. You should use a dryer to dry the item. You should try to find one that is larger than a normal dryer to help it return to its large and fluffy state. Plus, most average dryers are not large enough to accommodate a duvet. Most laundry mats will have large dryers.

If you prefer to line dry, that is okay but it is best to use a machine because duvets are so thick and large. They take forever to dry. Plus, if not dry completely they can smell musty due to the growth of mildew. That is why we say the quicker they are dried the better you and your duvet are.

You now know how to wash a duvet! No more hassle and wondering. Simply, wash and follow the care label. No more questioning how to do it and no more excuses on avoiding washing them for months on end. Take back your bed with clean duvet covers!

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