How to Store Off Season Clothes

How to Store Off Season Clothes
We are well into summer now and it should be sunshine from now on!
You might still have some winter coats out just in case, but now might be the time to store them until the winter and free up some closet space.
As you know, it’s not as easy as tossing some boxes in the attic.
Inproper storage of clothes can damage them, but I have some tips to preserve your clothes and make the process easy.

1. Clean Clothing Before it is Stored

While to many people this is a no-brainer, some people do not do this. Plus, sweatshirts and coats are not washed after every wear by some people. However, if you are going to store them, you should have them washed or dry-cleaned. This is because the clothing can hold perspiration, body oils, and perfume that will attract insects. Plus, if a stain is not treated, it will become darker with time. Stains also go for bedding as well.

2. Learn to Hang the Proper Way

You may hang things on hangers but it probably is not proper. Which, honestly is fine if you are wearing it often, however, when you are storing it for a season it is best to fold most items. If an item is hung for a long period of time, such as in storage, it will lose its shape. Any type of knit, silk, or synthetic material should be folded when being put into storage.
Keep in mind that your outerwear is able to be hung up but you should use wood or padded hangers which will provide more support. Do not use wire hangers. You can also use hangers for pants but you need to have the hangers which have boards to lock the hem and/or cuff to prevent creasing.

3. Plastic and Cardboard are a No-No

When you put your clothes away it should be able to breathe. When you use plastic bags or bins, as well as cardboard, the clothes are trapped. When you use these items for storing, your clothing is going to be at risk for yellowing, insects, and mildew. You should use linen or cotton storage bins or bags for your seasonal clothing.

4. Pretreat for Moths

If you have ever had problems with moths or are worried, they may be a problem, you can pretreat the clothing for them. All you need to do is add lavender sachets to the seasonal clothes. Many people love the scent but moths do not. Do not use mothballs because they are toxic to moths but they are also toxic to any human and pet.

5. Store in Proper Places

Many people store their clothing in an attic, which is fine if you want musty clothing. However, if you want your clothing to stay in good condition, you should avoid basements and attics. You want a dry and cool spot that is dark. If you have shelves in the closet that are higher up, this is an ideal spot to store these seasonal items.
Whether you are preparing for summer or dreadfully preparing for winter, your clothes should be protected and cared for properly. Now that you know how to properly take care and store your seasonal clothes, you do not have to worry about moths, nasty smells, or stuck-on stains.
You are going to be a pro, don’t worry!
And don’t forget to wash with our Wash Wizard to store those clothes in pristine condition!

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