How To Care for Clothing - 6 Tips to Make Them Last Longer

How To Care for Clothing - 6 Tips to Make Them Last Longer
Everyone has the favorite piece of clothing, be it a nice fancy cocktail dress or an old oversized sweatshirt. And, naturally, we all want for our favorite clothes to last for ages! Hop on as we talk about proper care for clothing and ways to make them last longer.
With all the wear and tear, soaps, bleaches, ironing, and what not, how do you make the clothes last long?
Well, here are a few tips that I have prepared for you.

1. Follow manufacturer’s instructions

Green shirt with tag

These instructions are made to prolong the life of our favorite piece of clothing, so try to follow them. There’s a good reason why the manufacturer says that you should wash your clothes at a certain temperature.

2. Give your clothing a rest

It’s a common and cliché advice, but giving your clothing some rest can prolong its life enormously. Now, we know that you love that T-shirt and that it fits any styling, but if you manage to rotate your favorite clothes a bit (shoes, suits), and keep them out of constant use, it could actually make a difference.
Besides, you don’t want to be seen in the same clothing several days in a row. There is not just one benefit of giving your clothing a rest… for example, your shoes should be given time to air out, too.

3. Store everything neatly

Jackets in hang rack

If your jacket is no longer needed for hot summer days, then you should probably store it somewhere neatly. For example, if there are some suits you don’t intend to wear for a long time, you can hang them on a suit hanger in some bag that’s breathable.
It’s not just about storing, it’s about how you do it and with what. Cheap plastic or wire can do more damage than you think. It can stretch out the shoulders; it can simply ruin your favorite clothing.
What we suggest are wooden hangers. They seem to work best with some heavier clothes such as men’s suits.
Finally, remember that knit fabric shouldn’t go (at all) on hangers. You don’t want to see your favorite pullover being stretched by its weight for one third.

4. Avoid dry cleaning

Now, we don’t say that you shouldn’t do it at all, of course… you need to do it. However, you just need to reconsider how often are you doing it. Because, dry cleaning does not only damaging your clothes with harsh chemicals such as starch but is expensive as hell!
This mistake is the most common to men, and their often suit cleaning.
Now, what else should men do? They can’t go in stinky clothes in their meetings. Well, there is one possible thing.
You can steam your clothes at home. Just use your steam iron to steam it, or simply leave it in the bathroom during the shower. The steam should be able to reach the fibers and properly clean them.
Another option, if you don’t want to dry clean them or steam, is to launder them. Of course, you need to check if there is some option on the tag for cleaning it that way if it can withstand laundering.

5. Take care while washing

The most dangerous part of saving your clothes is washing. You probably have some black clothing, and you have probably noticed how it loses its blackness over time.
Well, it’s not over time, it’s over washing…
What seems to work best is turning things inside out. The difference is that the front color, or print, won’t fade as much. Detergent, depending on what you use, is pretty damaging to the clothing.
Man's trousers inside out
Avoiding these harsh detergents was the inspiration behind our Wash Wizard. We knew the chemicals were breaking down the colors & brightness of clothes so we sought out the perfect solution. Our Wash Wizard keeps your clothes bright & vibrant because it uses zero chemicals!
Simply remember, follow the rule- less hot, more Wash Wizard >>>!

6. Stitching

Ripped pants

Hem or seam is ripped? You don’t need to trash it right away. Grab that needle and thread and stitch it back together. You have no idea how to do it? Well, there are millions of youtube videos that can teach you step by step. You will become an expert in no time. So, embrace the thing that has been done for centuries. Rescue your favorite clothing, don’t trash it right away!
I hope these tips can help that favorite t-shirt of yours last until the end of time! If used properly, your clothes can last up to 3x longer. After all, replacing a wardrobe can be very expensive.

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