How Often to Wash Your Pillows

How Often to Wash Your Pillows
Many people seem to ignore pillow washing instructions. In fact, many people do not wash their pillows. Many people think that throwing a pillowcase on the pillow protects and keeps them clean. On the other hand, other people think that washing a pillow will ruin it.
However, these people could not be more wrong.

Why Wash a Pillow

A pillowcase is only made of cotton or another permeated fabric. This means that a pillow is still susceptible to some pretty gross things. Now, if a person thinks they are safe if they use a protective pillow case, they are wrong as well.
A protective pillow case can still allow dust mites, saliva bacteria, and the body’s oils to come into contact with the pillow. Keep in mind that all of this is next to the face if it is not being washed. In fact, a pillow will actually double in weight from collecting all the allergens, bacteria, mold, and dead skin cells.
If the face is regularly in contact with these contaminants, it can cause a person to become ill or have issued with their allergies flaring up. Keep in mind that a pillow contains a lot of contaminants that will affect allergies.

How Often to Wash Pillows

If a person uses a zippered pillow protector, they will only need to wash the pillow about two times a year. Keep in mind the protectors should be washed monthly. Using a protector will help keep pillow washing to a minimum. It is easier to wash the protector than it is a whole pillow. It may be wise to purchase a pillow protector if the home does not have one already.
There are a few things to consider when it comes to washing a pillow and how often it should be washed. The things that should be considered include if lotions are used on the face before bed or if a person has oily skin or even scalp. A pillow will need to be washed more often if this is the case. This is also true if a person sleeps with pets or has had a cold or the flu. Lastly, if a person drools in their sleep and the pillow smells musty, it may need to be washed more often.
If a person does not use a pillow protector, the pillow should be washed at least every other month, if not monthly. If any situation above applies to the household, washing every two weeks would be the best.

How to Clean a Pillow

It is important to follow washing instructions on the tag of the pillow and it is important to know what filling is used in a specific pillow. Many pillows are able to be thrown in the washing machine but some pillows such as memory foam are not machine washable.
If the pillow is synthetic or feather it is best to wash in the warmest water that is possible for that specific material. Keep it limited to two pillows per load.
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To dry the pillow, use a low-heat cycle or the air cycle. Keep the pillow in this cycle until it is completely dry and no moisture is left. If the pillow is taken out and left damp, it will allow mold to grow. Lastly, to ensure it is dry, take a deep whiff of it to ensure there is no leftover moisture in the pillow.

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