Handkerchief VS Tissue | Which one should you use?

Handkerchief VS Tissue | Which one should you use?

Some people carry around a handkerchief to sneeze or cough into while others carry or run to find the nearest tissue.

But is one better than the other? Which should you use?

The History

Back in the day, the hanky or handkerchief was the number one way to blow your nose or catch a sneeze. However, when the 20th century rolled around, we began making a disposable alternative known as tissues. The tissue was made for women to remove cream from their face. However, this tissue had more uses when the husbands would use the wife's tissues to blow their noses. Today, many people view the hanky as old-fashioned and the tissue is the way to go.

The Handkerchief VS Tissue

The hanky is viewed as old-fashioned and unhygienic. This is when the hanky is compared to a disposable tissue. However, it the tissue better or more hygienic than a handkerchief? The answer is not that simple. It is both yes and no.

I sometimes think if Bill’s nose were the fountain of youth, if the world waded in his mucus, it would grant the population everlasting life. The struggle is real.
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For us to break this down, we must look at the people who are most concerned about hygiene. People who use disposable tissues can contain the germs inside the tissue by folding it. They can then throw the tissue in the trash. They can also wash their hands. People like this are not likely to spread germs because they have taken all the precautions.

However, those who are using the handkerchief are using areas that are wet or already used. They are then touching the parts with their hands and throwing it back into their pocket or bag. This allows germs to spread very easily to other items.

However, there is more than just those two examples. If it were based on those examples alone, the tissue paper would win hands down. Let us take a look at a more practical situation.

You are in a rush and you blow or wipe your nose. You are busy and do not throw the tissue away. The tissue gets wadded up and thrown in your pocket or on your desk. When you do this you are also not washing your hands which means that you are spreading germs.

When you use a handkerchief, you oftentimes use it more than once. Most people who use hankies, fold them after they have used. This means that they are using a new spot each time it is used. Plus, if they fold the hanky it is not spreading germs in their pocket. Many people who use hankies also put them in the wash every night they are used.

Bottom Line

When it comes to tissues and handkerchiefs, it depends on who is using each item and how. Both ways can be completely sanitary which makes neither one better than the other. However, if you are not using either properly, they are both bad. The hanky is not dirty or non-hygienic and neither is the tissue. It all depends on who is using it and how they are using it.

Now you know the debate. Neither the hanky or the tissue is better than the other. It just depends on how you use each item. The hanky has its positives and so does the tissue, however, both can have their negatives as well. No matter what method you choose, simply make sure that you are a good example for each... not the bad one.

If you do happen to use a hanky or you even used your shirt once or twice to sneeze, it’s best to wash it as soon as possible.

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