Gym Clothes | How to Properly Clean Them

Gym Clothes | How to Properly Clean Them

Gym clothes is generally made of synthetics. Synthetics are a newer fabric and not everyone knows how to launder this type of fabric. In fact, following old habits could cause these clothing items to wear faster and even damage them. 

There are many new things that do not need to be used or can be replaced or even simply forgotten when it comes to washing clothes. Many people do not realize that they do not need half the stuff they are using in the laundry room. 

1. Do Not Use Dryer Sheets | Washing Gym Clothes

A blue box of dryer sheets

Dryer sheets were made for an earlier time in life. This was when washing machines were harder on clothes and the fabrics were also rough as well. This is before synthetic clothing was being made. Dryer sheets should be replaced with dryer balls. 

2. Do not Use Fabric Softener on Synthetic Fabrics 

An aisle of fabric softeners in the grocery store

Fabric softeners are known to leave a film on the clothing. This is especially true for synthetic clothing. Fabric softeners were made for older fabrics just like dryer sheets were. When a person uses fabric softener on synthetics it leaves a smell on the fabric. To avoid this problem simply skip the softener. 

3. Do Not Use Traditional Detergent | Washing Gym Clothes

Many people have used the same detergents for years and use it on all their clothing. This now needs to change because traditional detergent can actually clog the synthetic fibers. This means they are not being cleaned but being masked. There are specific detergents that can be used on synthetics and you should look for this next time you are shopping. 

4. Do Not Use Too Much Detergent 

Detergent powder with laddle

Using too much detergent can leave residue on fabrics. Not only does it cause issues with the fabric, but it can also cause soap to build up in the washing machine. If this happens mold can grow and the machine could even be damaged completely. Follow the recommended usage that can be found on the package. Even if it smells extra bad, do not use more than recommended. 

5. Do Not Overfill the Dryer/ Do Not Use High Heat 

When you add too many clothes to a dryer it not only can add to the time it takes to try but actually damage the clothing because it is likely the heat is being turned to high. High heat can cause damage to many fabrics and even shrink them. Try air-drying certain fabrics and if that is not an option, use low heat. Lastly, run smaller loads in the dryer. 

6. Clean the Washing Machine

dirty clothes in washing machine spinning

Residue is bound to build up if the washing machine is getting general use. It is important to clean the lid, seal, as well as the dispensers as these areas can cause some funky smells. Use a brush or cloth to clean these areas. Plus, use an anti-odor detergent to help prevent future odors. 

7. Do Not Add Fragrance Beads 

When a person adds these new fragrance beads to their laundry, they may feel like they are having extra clean clothes. However, these beads just mask the smell. They do not actually clean the item. Use your detergent and skip the fragrance beads altogether. 

8. Use Wash Wizard 

Many people are unaware of what the Wash Wizard is and how useful it is to the laundry room. The wash wizard is a ball that can go in the washer and be used on any clothing. It helps disinfect as well as refresh clothing. Plus, it can be used hundreds of times before it needs to be replaced. It replaces all those bottles or boxes of detergent in the laundry room. 

Plus, there is a Wash Wizard for the dryer as well. Instead of dryer sheets, the dryer version of the Wash Wizard is going to be a wool ball that is thrown in the dryer. 

What's your experience washing gym clothes? Have you tried these tips yet? Share with us your experience in the comments section below!

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