Freezer Wardrobe

Freezer Wardrobe
Many people who do laundry don’t think about it, they just do it on a daily or weekly basis. However, for some specific situations there is actually a pretty handy appliance in your home that can give you a helping hand.
Your freezer can save clothes as well as money from not replacing old clothing. This article is going to state some of the useful things a freezer does for your families clothing.

1. Clean Jeans Without the Shrinking

When a pair of jeans fit perfectly and are worn in how a person likes them, the thought of them getting an uncontrollable stench is terrifying. But there is hope for that precious pair. Simply throw them in the freezer. In some cases the extremely low temperatures of the freezer can destroy bacteria and get your jeans clean & fresh again.

2. No More Moths in the Wool

Not many things ruin a wool sweater but moths sure will. Moth holes are a common problem when it comes to wool. When it comes to moths and their larvae many people do not realize that their home is harboring these critters until it is too late for that sweater.
When throwing a wool sweater in the freezer that has a temperature below 40 degrees it will make the larvae inactive and keeping it there for 72 hours will kill them.

3. Fresh Workout Accessories

Everyone who goes to the gym has their gym outfit and even maybe some sweatbands, however, this does not make for a full load of laundry. So how do these items get fresh again? Simple, throw them in the freezer instead of the hamper to reduce the smell.

4. No More Bed Bugs

One of the most persistent bugs out there is the bed bug and it can scare quite a few people. Not to mention, it is a nuisance of a bug. Many people have contact with bed bugs when they travel. If this is the case use the freezer!
Put potentially infested bedding or even clothing in a plastic bag. Then, simply put the freezer on the coldest setting and let the clothing sit for up to four days but a minimum of two days. It is important for your freezer to be at a temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit or less. If a person has a chest freezer this is going to be the best bet because these freezers are colder and larger. To completely ensure the bugs are dead, leave the garments in the freezer for 80 hours with a temperature of negative sixteen degrees Celsius.

5. Fresh Leather

Leather is a tricky fabric to keep clean without taking it to a professional. However, there is some good news for those leather clothes and shoes. To keep them fresh and clean feeling just throw them in the freezer.
To ensure that the leather is not damaged by ice crystals forming, put the leather in a sealed plastic bag. Leave the leather in the freezer for a few hours and it will be as good as new.

Keeping Clothes Cleaner for Longer

If you are struggling to keep clothes clean or even ensure that they are not full of static use our Wash Wizard. This will keep your clothes fresh and keep you away from the getting to the point of needing to use your freezer on your favorite pair of jeans.

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