Effects of Detergent on the Environment - What Can You Do?

Effects of Detergent on the Environment - What Can You Do?

Over the past few years, many people have been studying the effects of detergent on the environment.

There has been a lot of negative results. Laundry detergent is not good for the environment and we are here to tell you some of the scary reasons why.

What is the Problem?

Well, you need to consider that detergent is made of chemicals. These chemicals are toxic and may easily be one of the many effects of detergent on the environment. Not to mention the carbon cost of making the detergent.

different brands of laundry detergents - Effects of detergent

The carbon footprint of detergent is high. A carbon footprint is how much carbon dioxide is produced when the product is made, shipped, and used.

The Toxic Effects of Detergent

One of the main concerns with detergent is the chemicals used to make the detergent. The chemicals in detergent are extremely toxic to aquatic animals, organisms, and algae. The detergent is persistent in the environment. Plus, detergent makes water very acidic. If the water runs into certain places it could have similar effects as acid rain to the environment.

The Packaging

aisle of laundry detergents

Many people are concerned about the inside of the bottle, however, sometimes the bottle is the problem. Laundry detergent oftentimes comes in a plastic bottle that isn’t reusable. Plus, they are not recyclable either. This means that these bottles go to the landfills. With so many people using detergent the number of bottles in the landfills is significant.

Detergent and Pollution

tiele river water pollution

Detergent could be leading to both air and water pollution. This affects not only the environment but humans as well. The detergent that you choose has a huge impact on both your health and the health of local rivers and lakes. Not to mention, your own water supply.

Better Options

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