Does Tossing A Towel In The Dryer Make Clothes Dry Faster

Does Tossing A Towel In The Dryer Make Clothes Dry Faster
Many of us want to spend as little time on laundry as possible.
This could mean looking up hacks that make drying time or washing time less. Have you ever stood and waited for your dryer to get finished drying your clothes and you feel them and they are still damp?
Well, there are a few things that you can do to help prevent your clothes from coming out wet.
I’ll give you an answer, does tossing a towel in the dryer make the clothes dry faster?  
If you toss a towel in your dryer with your clothes, does it help cut the drying time? In short, a little bit. It is a simple process, however, there are a few suggestions that should be followed. This includes the size, type, and color of the towel. Keep in mind, this can help reduce wrinkles too. Plus, you need to remember it does not work for all clothing items. We are going to go over a few tips to help ensure you are doing this process properly.

1. Loading the Dryer

If you are overloading or even under-loading the dryer your clothes are not going to tumble as they should. The tumbling is what ultimately will dry the clothes. Not to mention, this helps keep wrinkles to a minimum. You should put fewer items in if you are drying heavier items. You can fill the dryer more if you are drying lightweight items.
Once you load the dryer, simply throw in a dry towel. You can then set the drying time in half of what you normally would set it for. The towel acts as a sponge and helps soak up the wetness. If the clothes are still damp when the laundry is done, add about ten minutes. Once you have done this a few times, you will get the hang of how long it takes.

2. Towel Color Counts

You should always be using a clean towel for this. You should also always make sure it is a white towel with no colors. This helps keep your mind at ease knowing that the color will not transfer to any of your damp clothing. Keep in mind that colors from your clothes can transfer to the white towel. This is why a towel should be dedicated to this job only.

3. Fabric Matters

You may want to use an old worn-out towel for this job. However, an older towel can breakdown and damage your delicate fabrics and cause others to start to pill. You should not mix or wash any towels with these items. For these items, it is best to use a cotton towel that is soft and absorbent to make sure that your delicate items are not being faded or having any unnecessary wear and tear. Make sure the towel that you are using is not brand new as lint can be a problem.

4. Time is Energy

The longer you run a dryer, the more energy you are wasting. You are wasting about 25 percent more energy when you are not using the towel method. You can also reduce the amount of energy used by cleaning the lint trap after each use. This helps improve the airflow to your dryer and helps prevent fires.
Keep in mind that if you are over-drying your clothes or you forget about them in the dryer, the towel will help keep wrinkles out. You simply dampen the towel and put it back in the dryer. Turn the dryer on for about 15 minutes and the steam from the towel will remove wrinkles.

An Easier Way

While a towel can be a cut down on drying time little bit, it unnecessarily complicated.
Plus, you will be putting wear and tear on one of your favorite towels.
Our Wool Dryer Balls cut down drying times much better than towels.
Their optimal size allows them to get in between clothes and make space for your dryer’s warm air to dry out your clothes. Much more efficiently than any towel could ever do.
And what’s even better is they are a complete replacement for fabric softeners and dryer sheets. With a towel you should still technically use these.
The premium wool helps keep wrinkles to a minimum and doesn’t let colors transfer to your clothes.

Reduce Drying Times and Save Money >>>

And you won’t be ruining a perfectly good towel. Just toss these in and save yourself time and money.
It is a simple process that you can get down pretty easily. Not to mention, you are helping the planet out.

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