Can You Wash Towels With Clothes?

Can You Wash Towels With Clothes?
Towels usually aren’t treated the same as clothes. Since we don’t wear them everyday in front of coworkers and friends, we all tend to keep them less clean then they should be. When it's time to wash them though, can you wash towels with clothes?
We have the tips you need to keep your towels fresh and clean.

Wash towels In Their Own Load

Wash towels with clothes

Washing towels with your clothes is not the ideal way to wash towels. You should wash your bath towels separate from any other clothing simply for sanitary reasons. You should also wash these items separately because it makes it easier to know what setting to put the washer on. Not to mention it is easier to dry the towels since they are all thicker and dry slower than normal clothing items.

How to Wash Towels

You should wash your towels with other colored towels that are similar if the towels are new. New towels tend to bleed. You should wash new towels in warm water for a few washes.

Wash Them Often

Towels should be washed at least every four days. Your towels will be the perfect place for bacteria to grow if you do not wash them often. The moisture that is left on the towel combined with the moisture in the air allows bacteria to grow rapidly. Not to mention, if you do not hang your towels out and they get bunched up, the smell of mildew and mold will be present.

Shake Em’

When you remove the towels from your washer, you should shake them out. This helps them fluff in the dryer and it helps them become more absorbent. You should not iron towels as this reduces how much they can absorb. Not to mention, when you shake out towels, it helps them not become a mess in the dryer and it can help the drying time shorten.

Dry Carefully

When you take the towels out of the dryer, make sure they are completely dry. If you take a towel out of the dryer and it is damp in the slightest way, it can promote mildew growth. Keep in mind, mildew grows very quickly on damp towels. You should use the setting that you use for durable fabrics. This is the highest heat setting and will ensure that your towels are dry when the dryer is done. Keep in mind that you should not over dry your towels ad it can wreck the cotton fibers.

Tips to Buy a Towel

Towels are not the cheapest thing on the planet, but spending a little extra money on a nice towel can make showering so much more enjoyable when you get out.
You should always be aware of the material of the towel. Cotton is the best choice for bath towels. It is very absorbent and my personal favorite.
To keep towels lasting long and remaining fresh, make sure that you are following the care instructions on the tag of the towel. If you properly take care of a towel it can last for ten years!
And anytime you was a towel you should be using our Wash Wizard combined with the Wool Dryer Ball.
Detergents can actually break down the softness and absorbing ability of your favorite towel. Sending you back to the store to buy another soon.
But our Wash Wizard naturally cleanses your towel or any load of laundry. Keeping them soft and water absorbing for years to come.
Combining it with our Wool Dryer Ball makes for a perfect combination and can reduce drying times as well.

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Now that you are an expert on towels, you should be set for a while.

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