Can You Wash Socks With Clothes

Can You Wash Socks With Clothes
Some people say you shouldn’t wash your clothes with your socks, but is this just a myth? Don’t worry, today we’ll get to the bottom of it.  
Simply Answered, Yes
You are able to wash socks with regular clothing but it is not recommended. If you normally wash socks with underwear, you are going to normally use cold water. Some people use vinegar to wash and soften the materials. If you are going this, use the wrinkle-free setting on the dryer.
However, many people wash towels in hot water to ensure that they are clean. Many people also add bleach to kill germs and keep towels white. Plus, with towels, you can use the hot setting. It is not recommended to wash socks with clothing because other clothing required different care and settings.
If you are going to mix these materials together you will notice that the towels will not be as white or bright as you might want them to be. The colors that are found in the socks, as well as underwear, may also discolor the towels.
Plus, if you wash all these garments in hot water it will likely damage the socks and underwear. If the socks and underwear are not destroyed or damaged it is going to shorten their lifespan. If you are washing everything in cold water without using bleach, the towels are not going to be sterilized. However, if you use bleach with everything the colors will be completely ruined.
The best bet is to wash all these items separately and use the recommended wash settings to help wash your clothing properly.

How to Properly Launder Socks

Keeping socks lasting long is going to depend on how you wash the clothing. Plus, keeping toenails short will also increase the lifespan of your socks. Let’s take a look at how you should properly launder socks.

1. Separate the Socks

Many socks are thrown away because they are lost or accumulate too much lint. It is important that if your socks are colorful, they need to be washed in a different load. Ensure that you are only washing socks in a single load. This helps prevent lint build-up. Plus, separating the socks will help keep the colored socks from fading.

2. Turn the Socks Inside-Out and Organize the Pairs

You should pair your socks and turn them inside out before washing them. It helps prevent socks from going missing. You may want to keep a separate bin specifically for socks. Turning the socks inside out will help prevent lint build-up and keeps them looking vibrant.

3. Use Cold Water, Gentle Cycle

Load only the dress-socks into the washer and use a separate load for white socks. Use the gentle cycle on the washer and cold water with our Wash Wizard. Some people will soak socks in cold water for thirty minutes to an hour before actually washing the socks.
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4. Turn the Socks Right-Side Out

When the washer is complete you are going to want to turn each of the socks right-side out. Be gentle when doing this because it can cause stretching. This also gives you time to rematch the socks if they have fallen apart in the washing machine.

5. Hang the Socks to Dry

This is an important step in the washing process. High heat that is used when a dryer is used, the elastic in the top band will break down or stretch. Plus, the fibers can be weakened which causes the sock to not last as long.

6. Fold the Socks and Put Away

Now you are going to be able to simply fold your socks and put them in their normal home. Some people roll the pairs together while others actually fold the socks. The choice is yours.
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