Best Way To Clean A Gym Bag

Best Way To Clean A Gym Bag
We’ve all smelt it before, that gut wrenching scent that pours out of a gym bag.
Whether it’s your kids or your own that you left in your trunk for a few weeks too long, that terrifying smell is so hard to get rid of.
But you don’t want to throw it away, a quality gym bag can cost a pretty penny.
I put together some tips and tricks I’ve learned on how to properly clean a gym bag.

The Best Way to Clean a Gym Bag

One of the easiest ways to help keep your gym bag like new is to purchase disinfectant wipes that can stay with you in your bag. These wipes should be stored in the bag, in your car, or where you are packing your bag. All that needs to be done is wipe down the inside of it every few uses.
If your bag is a canvas bag you should be able to simply toss it in the washer. However, do not use warm water as it will cause the bag to shrink.
Our Wash Wizard is the best option because it deep cleans and disinfects which means your gym bag will be cleaner than ever. Plus it won’t use the harsh chemicals found in your normal detergents..
If the gym bag you use is multi-fabric, you are not going to want to wash it with a machine. Instead, you should mix warm water with white vinegar in equal parts. Once you have done this, use a tough, yet gentle dish soap and add it to the mixture. Lastly, find a soft sponge and wipe the inside and outside of the bag.
Make sure you are not drying the bag and that it is hung up to dry. Drying a gym bag can cause the bag damage and it can cause you to be left without. Plus, why waste time and money when you simply need to hang it up?

Preventing a Dirty Bag

You should keep your bag as clean as possible and to do that you need to stop the problem before it starts. To do that, you should keep your bag on benches and off the ground and help protect your clothes. This means you should wash your machine off before you get on it even if it was wiped down before you used it. Keep in mind while most people wipe their machines down after use, a lot do not. Wiping down before you use a machine helps protect you.
You should also be aware of how you are packing your sweaty clothing. Keep in mind that sweaty or wet clothing is going to attract mold as well as germs. You should put your shoes in a shower hat before they are put into your bag and keep dryer sheets in the bag to help eliminate nasty smells. Also, empty your bag as soon as you get home and wipe it down to prevent the buildup of germs and bacteria.
Gym bags are essential when working out. However, you may not have known how much of a germ magnet they were.
Now you do and you can tackle the germs head-on before they even have a chance to get to your bag. You are prepared and focused.

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