Bad Laundry Myths

Bad Laundry Myths
A lot of people have heard of most of the myths we are going to discuss. However, many people do not see that they are myths and that they actually do more damage than good, they do nothing, or they are just a waste of products. We are going to talk about the top laundry myths so that you can clean your clothes the right way.

1. Hairspray to Remove Ink

This myth dates back to the 1950s and was actually valid back then. There was alcohol in the spray that would work out the stain. However, today’s hairspray is different than the ones made in the ‘50s. Most hairspray does not include alcohol anymore and the spray can actually cause more stains rather than eliminate them.

2. Using Coffee to Help Prevent Darks from Fading

This is a myth many people may not know about but it is far from true. This myth states that coffee can be added to the rinsing water to help prevent darker or black clothes from fading. While coffee can color fabrics, one cup will not help you. It would take the entire washing machine full to make any difference.

3. Stains Should be Treated from the Front

It is tempting to scrub on the stain right away. However, you should turn it inside out and start there. When you start from the back the stain is being pushed out rather than being embedded deeper.

4. Bleach will Boost Detergent Power

Bleach and detergent can cancel each other out. This leaves your clothes unclean and still stained. You should not add your bleach until the washer has been running in the wash cycle for at least five minutes.

5. Hot Water Kills All Germs

How water does kill germs but alone it is not going to kill all the bacteria and germs found on laundry. When you wash clothing, germs are being spread from one item to all of them if you are not using a sanitizing detergent.

6. High Heat and Shrinking

There are many reasons your clothing could be shrinking. Some of them are simply out of your control because the decisions that were made by the producer. Keep in mind that clothing should be removed from the dryer while it is slightly damp to avoid shrinkage. However, the heat is not the main reason that shrinkage occurs, overdrying the clothing is the problem.

7. Dryer Lint Isn’t a Big Deal

Dryer lint is not a big deal if you don’t mind having high energy bills, waiting longer for clothing to dry, having lint on your clothes, and having a possible fire in your laundry room. If these are not a problem for you, then you are fine. However, dryer lint is a bigger deal than you may think. You should take the time to clean the trap to avoid dangerous problems that could occur. Plus, it will allow you to save money and your clothes will look cleaner. Make checking your lint trap part of your washing and drying routine.
But if you have been using detergent on your clothes, you have been doing your laundry wrong. The chemicals in detergent break down the colors and brightness of your clothes.
You are wasting your hard earned dollars on the detergent itself and its damaging your wardrobe!
Our Wash Wizard uses all natural bio-ceramics to disinfect and deep clean your clothes without chemicals. Plus, it lasts 1000 washes so laundry will only cost you a few pennies a load!

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You are now educated on what is a myth and what should be done. Your clothes will be cleaner, you will be happier, and your laundry machines will thank you.

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