5 Best Natural Stain Removers - Cheap and Effective

5 Best Natural Stain Removers - Cheap and Effective

Are you using bleach for stains? Ever looked for natural stain removers? What if I tell you that you can remove those pesky stains NATURALLY?

I'll share with you a few natural stain removers options so that you are not only helping yourself but helping the environment as well. Take note, these natural stain removers may be available right at your kitchen.

Cheap, Readily Available Natural Stain Removers

Distilled White Vinegar 

bottles of heinz distilled white vinegar - natural stain removers

This is a miracle product not only in the kitchen but in the laundry room as well. Plus, it is very cheap to purchase and it is gentle on all fabrics. Not to mention, it is a lot safer than bleach which makes it a plus. White vinegar also acts as a fabric softener on your clothes too. 

The best stains to target using vinegar is underarm stains and mildew stains. You can also use white vinegar to help brighten your clothes. If you would like to use it as a fabric softener, add a single cup to your final rinse to soften and freshen clothing. 

Baking Soda 

cornstarch in a bowl scooped by a tablespoon

Yes, this is the same box that is probably sitting in your kitchen right now. It is a great item to use on your clothing. It reduces odor and is great to use on any type of fabric. Plus, it helps aid in boosting the effectiveness of your laundry detergent and it helps keep fabrics soft. Not to mention it is better to use and helpful for front-load washing machines. 

Lemon/Lime Juice 

3 slices of lime

You should only use 100 percent juice for this. You can use freshly squeezed or even bottled lime or lemon juice. Lime and lemon juice act as a natural bleach. The acidity of the item reacts with the fabrics and helps brighten clothes. Do not use this on colored clothes as it can cause discoloration and have the same effects as bleach would. Using lemon juice or lime juice can help remove underarm stains on white shirts. 

Hydrogen Peroxide 

a bottle of hydrogen peroxide

This is another great alternative to bleach. The one that is sold in stores for use as first aid is the best option for your laundry too. It is safer for you and the environment because the peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water. This method works for removing underarm stains, nail polish dye, and red wine stains. 


Container of cornstarch

This method helps absorb oily stains. If you have oil or grease on your clothing and you put the cornstarch on it immediately it will absorb it and remove it on the spot. However, just because you do not get to it right away, doesn’t mean that this method doesn’t work. All you need to do is add a generous amount of cornstarch to the stain. You will want it to it on the stain for about ten minutes and then simply brush the powder away. You can proceed to wash as normal.  

No matter the method you decide to try in removing stains, you are going to need to wash your clothing items. Since we are talking about natural and safer options, add Wash Wizard to your laundry.

The Wash Wizard lasts for a thousand washes without refills, so you can save money on laundry every month without the harmful chemicals you find in detergents.

Take on your stains with confidence with these methods of natural stain removers.

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