15 Clever Room Storage Ideas

15 Clever Room Storage Ideas
When it comes to the laundry room, everyone can always use a tip or two to help them with cleaning the clutter and becoming more organized. And to help you out a bit, I put together 15 of my top storage ideas for the laundry room to keep it neat, clean, and organized.
Keep in mind that before putting anything away or in storage that the item should be clean.

1.Use Walls

There are always a few things that cannot be dried in the dryer. However, there is never any place to hang them that is not in the way. That is what everyone thought until now. There are fold-away racks that are on the wall that pull out when something needs to be hung.

2. Declutter the Detergent

Use something more practical than all those bottles of detergent. Our Wash Wizard not only saves space but it is also a great way to eliminate waste and make the washer last longer. Not to mention, it is cheaper than detergent. This ball can be used for a thousand loads of clean laundry!

3. Adjust to Your Needs

If the laundry room does not have cabinets, that is no longer a problem because there are adjustable mounted storages that are easy to install. These do not need a contractor for installation either. Not to mention, there is always space for more wall storage.

4. Lost Socks? No Problem

Many people let socks that are unmatched turn into an unruly pile. However. There are signs that allow a person to hand a mismatched sock in front of them so it is more important to find the match. Not to mention, no one can forget about these hanging socks.

5. Clear the Floor

An ironing board, which many people use, takes up a lot of floor space. Plus, it usually does not get put away. There are ironing boards that attach to the wall and can be folded up or down when in use or not. This saves space in the room.

6. Store Supplies in Style

There are many containers and stylish options for the laundry room. One favorite is the dryer sheet storage container because the ones at the store are simply unattractive and will clash any laundry room décor.

7. Clothes Hanging Inside to Dry?

For those who like hanging clothes to dry outdoors but can’t because it is too cold, then this option is a great one. It is called the tried-and-true clothesline. It allows for eight feet of hanging room that is retractable when not in use to help save space.

8. Hook Up the Ironing Board

The ironing board in the laundry room should have a designated spot. However, many people do not think that the board can be hung to be put away. Use coat hooks and designate a spot off the floor and out of the way for the ironing board to be put away properly.

9. Put Clothespins in a Bag

There are special bags can be made to hang from the clothesline. There are many options for color and design, but the bottom line is, is that it keeps the laundry room tidy and neat. Plus, when the line is not in use this bag can hang easily in the closet.

10. Hide Dirty Laundry

Laundry bins do not need to be out in the open. They can be placed in hide-away drawers that can be pulled out when it is time to do laundry.

11. Contain the Lint

Trashcans on the floor that are meant for lint can take up a lot of space. However, picking up a literature box used for outdoor and some double-sided tape, can make for an easy wall-mounted alternative to the trash can.

12. Hide a Hook

There are places in the laundry room where these hooks can be placed. Plus, when they are not in use, they can fold flat onto the wall. The hide a hook holds 12 hangers.

13. Give it a Lift

Storage is easy when a person upgrades their equipment. Washers, as well as dryers, have pedestal drawers that can be purchased to lift the appliance higher and provide more storage underneath. The room is cleaner and it is easier to do the laundry.

14. Above and Beyond

To keep clothes that hang dry out of the way, use a ceiling mounted rack that will raise and lower with the use of a pulley.

15. Be Practical

Many hampers are bulky and large. They are hard to store and keep out of the way when not being used. To avoid this, purchase a hamper that can be collapsed down and stored flat and only popped up when needed.
So those are my top 15 tips for organizing your laundry room! I hope you can use a few of these to get organized this spring!
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